Why do we need lie detector machine?

In these days, lie detector tests machines are necessary because most of the person lying very much to their parents or in relations both the partners are tell a lie to each of them. This is a very common problem for everyone because in previous days there is no solution to check who are lying? But nowadays machine is also available for testing a lie. This is very easiest and simplest way to check the person who is lying.

  1. It reveals the truth in every situation.
  2. Firstly the machine is used in movies and cartoons but now it is also used in real.
  3. Many of the people used this machine to check their partner.
  4. In this time that is a very popular machine and most of the people use them a lot.
  5. It is used in every profession, lawyers is also used this machine.
  6. The test is mostly used in London.
  7. It’s just like an personal investigator.

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Negative remarks

As, we all know that everything has a positive and negative effects. This machine has also negative effects like due to these many problems face in relationship by both of the persons. And, we can’t say that their result is accurate. There are so many problems or errors found in these lie detector tests. Due to inaccurate result lots of problems face by every person who try this machine for the first time. many relationships break due to this machine because mostly the machine is used to check their partner that He/she is right for him/her or not.

In today’s generation the lie detector tests are also required for parents to check their children that how many times and for what things their children tell a lie to them. Parents check about the bad habits of their children like drug addiction, cheating to them in any cases and theft. Much use of this device is creating doubt for everyone and we can’t trust to anyone even we are not able to trust on our parents and friends.


After telling all the things that it depends on yourselves in which manner you can take this machine in positive or negative. This is a good option for expressing the truth but main thing is that you can’t take so much seriously their result because that we can’t say proper that their result is accurate or not   

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