All you need to know about Venetian blinds

We have heard much of the vertical blinds but we were, figuratively, taken aback when we heard about the Venetian blinds. The first question that came to our mind was what it was? If you are also seeking the answer, then you need not go any further. We have the answers you need. Venetian blinds have actually become a generic term which refers to the whole set of window blinds. But, in practice, these blinds are exactly the opposite of vertical blinds. They have horizontal slates which are held up by cords to move the blinds upwards or downwards. Similar to the vertical blinds, these blinds can also be tilted without fully opening the blinds by moving the slat upwards.


The beginning of the year 1794 is the major reason we have come to know about the Venetian blinds. The etymology of the name is derived from the city of Venice in Italy as it was the site of origin. The blinds were used in place of curtains or shutters. The option of tilting the curtain to peek through helped these blinds attain the popularity in the modern day civilization. However, such window pieces were developed way before in Egypt and were used by pharaohs and their wives to ascertain privacy while taking on ingenious or trivial matters. The Chinese also used these curtains with bamboo slats to cover their windows.


There are many variations of the horizontal blinds available in the market at present. However, ages ago, there were only two types of blinds which were recognized. Moreover, the slats were connected with a cloth which made the link weaker. But, the recent developments have raised the standard of the Venetian Blinds in totalitarian aspect. Sun Vertical is responsible for designing the ergonomic vertical version of window blinds in Kansas City. You can find these window blinds made up of vinyl or fabric which makes them lights yet effective. The mechanism has been sophisticated with the use of complex parts and strong links with chords and tassels to facilitate smooth movement.

The recent approach for cordless blinds is hovering upon the market that reduces the risk of pull cords to small children and pets. In addition to these, there are other features as well such as the dangling lift cords with break-away equalizers that are designed solely for the purpose of safety of operations.

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